The Great Commission Of Jesus Christ

Before Jesus left the earth, he had an important message for his followers — for those people who watched him live, serve, die, and rise again. It was also message for those followers who would come after–those today who would hear, read, understand, and believe. That message was simple:  spread the good news. In obedience to his great commission, and with a passion for his glory, Living Hope Ministries is taking the glory of the gospel to meet the needs of the world, for the sake of His name.

This website exists to help our family in Christ in North India to fulfill the vision God has given them.  By getting the word out through this avenue we hope to reach those that God has already been speaking to about India. This is your place of connection.

Here you will meet the visionary and those who are carrying on the vision to minister to mainly the poor of northern India.

You will see what types of ministries are springing up through their hard work and dedication to the people that they are reaching with the love of God. You will also see where you can participate in helping them with prayer, encouragement, and financial support.  You can also catch up on the latest updates or archives to see how things have been going.

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